I often meet people who after finding out about my entrepreneurial growth, say, ‘I have this idea I have been longing to start’ – And I will be like Hahahahahaha, why haven’t you started it?
They say, errrrrm, DLM, you know it is not easy like that to just start an idea – you need a lot of capital, experience, space etc.
Wow, this is my take: if you have an idea that you have been longing to start, I think you should just get out there and START IT. JUST START IT! Like NIKE, JUST DO IT.
Yes, you may fail but you will not die. Pick up a new lesson and continue to grow the business one step at a time. The only thing on the other side of fear is success so why not just damn the consequences and begin as long as your intention is to add value and create jobs.
As the continent relies less on the public sector and natural resources for job creation and growth, the private sector, through small and medium enterprises (SMEs), is filling the void, becoming the driver of innovation, diversification and growth.
So, if you have an idea you have been longing to start as a business, don’t look back, JUST DO IT and thank me later.

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