TroggeUrban Limited Presents Its New Brand Identity – TRU.


With excitement, we are glad to announce the birth of our new brand identity, TRU which is a short form of the company name, Troggeurban.

TRU is the new identity that will come with all our businesses as we launch into markets new products, subsidiaries and concepts. While We still maintain the parent name as Troggeurban Limited, all other businesses springing from us will have TRU as either a suffix or prefix. For example, ‘driveTRU or TRUbiker’.

As you may be aware, Troggeurban (TRU) is a talent and business management company whose mission is to provide strategic roadmaps, investment and enterprise project management services that bolster talent and business commercialization. We work with music talents and intrapreneurs to achieve significant market relevance and success. Our key goal is to identify exceptional individuals who can leverage on new markets and new opportunities in retail, music, digital media services, transport, gold, real estate, clothing, consumables and related businesses.

Our brand promise is to ‘come through’ for talents, clients and customers with values that satisfy each segment. While we help dreams come true for talents, we want to through these talents offer value that excite and incentivize our target markets.

It is our desire to communicate our brand values effectively in order to capture the purpose of the brand within its internal and external targets and most especially to deliver on its brand promise across board.

Please, find herein the new identity and corporate profile so you can learn more about us.

Also, this is to notify you that all communication materials henceforth will carry the new identity.

We thank you for believing in our brand. Troggeurban – It is TRU.