In the last one week, I have spent day and night developing various business plans, pitchdecks and completing fellowship applications. Very tedious brain work trying to figure what exactly to write to capture the investors’ interest.

Most times, people ask me how can they prepare Investor-Ready Business Plan and this is what I have to say….

Investors will ‘read’ your business plan in a specific order – covering the Executive Summary, Management Team, and Financials first. Organize your business plan so investors can quickly understand the key points and goals that will lead to a YES.

The problem you are solving (why is your company’s product / service NEEDED):
– A business plan is not a technical white paper – do not tell investors every feature of your product / service – tell them why a customer NEEDS the product and what problem you are solving for them.

Your sustainable competitive advantage (why you will SUCCEED where others have failed):
– Never say ‘we have no competition’ – no matter how innovative your concept, the investor you are presenting to will have most likely seen something in a similar market. You need to demonstrate what sets your team apa rt and the unique selling points that will lead to profit.

The true market opportunity (how many CUSTOMERS can you reach):
-Quoting market researchers is not enough – it is important to show that analysts believe that the market will be ‘big,’ and more important to show how trends in the market (government regulations, new technical standards, consumer demand) will deliver customers.

As a visionary entrepreneur, you should also develop strong communication skills in articulating your plans should in case your investor wants you to do a video.

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