Why Invest In Us?

We are a talent and business management company with a mission to discover, develop and deploy enterprise talents to the marketplace with internally owned retail and technology based businesses.

Africa is fast emerging and the opportunities to create a thriving community for talents and consumers are enormous. While we are keen on helping young enterprise, talents accomplish their dreams through intrapreneurship, we also similarly are committed to serving the exploding consumer market in small local communities and the populated urban centres.

Our leadership in providing a provable digital experience, customer engagements programs as well as a 100% organically generated revenue thrusted back into investing in innovative ideas across retail and technology, gives us the edge to build a truly global company of African origin.

So, the need to invest in us stems from the fact that the marketplace is fast changing and we understand the trends of change coupled with the fact that the rate at which revenue generation increases with viral demand is exponential. We are driven by both B2B AND B2C and these two market pillars showcase the opportunity to convert gross profit to operating profit very quickly.

We therefore aim to source investments to enable us to maximise cashflow which then can be reinvested into our several small businesses led by our Business Executive Officers, with the potential of each to generate an annual revenue of at least $30,000.
Funding our businesses will help drive faster top line growth, both organically and via acquisitions, and to drive attractive returns for our investors while serving our customers globally.

Would you not rather invest in us?

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