Humans First

As a company, we believe that before the creation of any product, there were first human beings who need to be empowered. We, therefore as a team connect with people with love through giving, sharing knowledge and lighting up communities. To us, it is humans first before anything else or rather put as, ‘Before anything else, we were first humans’ – so all we do is to connect with and support humans around us to shine.

HF Projects

Give Humans– Every quarter, we look for communities to give a part of our wealth.

Teach Humans – Learning makes humans grow stronger. We teach something unique every summer in a selected community.

Power Humans – When we light up the village, the people find their way to the city in that case the people are empowered to build their villages just like the city.

Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Humans First is a corporate social responsibility initiative of Troggeurban Limited committed to improving the state of communities one human at a time in Africa through giving, knowledge sharing and power projects. We believe in the power of one human changing the world and if we commit our resources, talents and energy to improving those who have less opportunities, then there would be an even distribution of chances.These chances can lead to the unravelling of the greatest talents and businesses through which only humans have the capacity to make happen.