David Lanre Messan

David Lanre Messan
CEO, Troggeurban Limited

Founder's Story

‘Sustainable youth employment will determine the future of Africa’s economy’

David Lanre Messan, the founder of Troggeurban Limited was 19 when he discovered his purpose and began to develop the vision to drive it. He quickly realized that all he was called for was to generate ideas and find people to run them while helping these people to achieve their goals and making their dreams come true. Every day, this drive, this passion grew and he became more and more confident to making this idea blossom. He started developing himself via the internet on key subjects such as entrepreneurship, leadership, talent management etc.

In 2007, David Lanre Messan founded an initiative called Green Yaggy poised to empower young people with entrepreneurship skills in his community. What does he do? He recruits young people, trains them on enterprise topics and finds funding for them to run their own businesses. Green Yaggy was a success, impacted more than 5000 youth with skills, incubated more than 100 businesses, won awards and earned key international recognitions. To further pursue this passion, DLM started a company Infinite Impact Company focused on helping people develop their ideas into profitable venture. In 2012, it became Infinite Impact Limited with some key partners, with more than a hundred clients spread across Nigeria. Infinite Impact Limited is known mainly for its strategic approach to ideas and how these ideas attract funding easily.

Now, DLM needed something more fulfilling and overwhelming, so in 2015, he transitioned into his first love of finding talents and developing their entrepreneurship skills but this time deploying them to run businesses internally owned through a talent and business management company called ‘Troggeurban Limited’ also known as TRU.

Now in 2017, Troggeurban Limited is spearheading a new concept where enterprise talents can co-own businesses without investing capital, clout – they only invest their time while youth with specific skills can work freely without being restricted by a 9 to 5 rule.

Our story is inspired by one purpose – to create sustainable youth employment in Africa.