Capital and Mentorship is a myth. Intrapreneurship the new sexy

I attended an entrepreneurship event yesterday and I feel a bit bothered about this idea of giving young entrepreneurs capital for businesses on the basis that they need money to grow their businesses. While that sounds good, there is still a backlog of unsettled scenarios that have not gotten the attention needed. Most often, capital and mentorship is considered as statutory requirement to helping entrepreneurs succeed but on a critical note, there is more to be looked at.

How many events today will invite experts and entrepreneurs to come learn about business process management, product development and market validation processes? I am yet to find one.

I think new entry entrepreneurs need to build experience and expertise in an organised and controlled environment with a central system that guides and monitors them through leadership and strategy implementation as well as helping them learn about scalability and business sustainability.

Through this, these entrepreneurs will strive through the score cards knowing fully well that they are accountable to an authority; to a market and to the society before laying full claim to the title, ‘Entrepreneur’!

At Trogge Urban Limited, we are already working on an Intrapreneurship concept that allows young people to learn the ropes, hands-on within a 7 year period while sharing profits and buying equity gradually. We are building a large community of entrepreneurs who must learn the art and the science of entrepreneurship round and round before owning the business.

Our perspective is different. Capital and mentorship is not enough.

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