Apple is now worth $1 trillion and is one of thefive most valuable companies in the world. It may come as a surprise but the other four most valuable companies are also tech companies. They are Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. I must say big congratulations to Eddie Q, Johnny Ives, Tim Cook and the entire AppleTeam.

The tech giant’s rise has been driven largely by itswildly successful iPhone, which has been instrumental in shaping our mobile world and is a staple of daily life for tens of millions of Americans who use it to make calls, send texts, snap photos, check Facebook and stay on top of the news. (Source, USA Today)

According to Kate Warne, investment strategist at Edward Jones, Apple’s $1 trillion valuation is a great reminder to investors that companies with innovative ideas combined with world-class products and service can create value for investors over time,”

21 years ago, Apple was on the brink ofbankruptcy. Apple’s ascent from the brink of bankruptcy to the world’s most valuable public company has been a business tour de force, marked by rapid innovation, a series of smash-hit products and the creation of a sophisticated,globe-spanning supply chain that keeps costs down while producing enormous volumes of cutting-edge devices. (Source New York Times) but then, this ascent has also been marked by controversy, tragedy and challenges, especially with the notion that Apple utilizes China’s labour force as a strategy to cut wages and yet sell product at a high price. For me, that is not even an issue as there are really lessons to learn from the business principle of Apple hinged mostly on innovation and strategic leadership.

A few lessons to pick from this big hit:

Leaders at the helms of affairs need understandthe power of protecting the vision behind an idea and must separate the vision from the strategy that drives it.

Strategic leadership calls for open culture and influences market. However, companies must identify what works and ensure that they make it stronger and consistent. Apple’s sustaining innovation is a key example to consider and how through sophistication, luxury experience and continuous improvement, they built a stereotyped tribe in the past years.

Companies must know what exactly they are disrupting and why they should keep their deliberate and emergent strategies in the sameplate. Putting these two market determinant elements in the same plate allows the company to keep the context of user experience intact and dynamic.

Now the stakes are high for companies comingbehind but then, it will be an easy cross over, thanks to Apple for giving us the template.

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